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VetKey Plans:

∙ Plan pricing is based on the number of practices within your group and the total number of users.

∙ Setup pricing is based on the import of codes and patient history. For codes, you can choose to transfer your codes, use VetKey's recommended code list, or start from scratch.

∙ Stand-Alone Practice Performance Module is available for practices choosing to keep their current veterinary software but want to augment it with performance tracking.

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  • Secure

    VetKey is maintained as a cloud-based system focused on
    utilizing advanced infrastructure technologies in information
    security and storage. Private data storage eliminates the need
    for practices to implement routine backups and maintain a
    network server, creating a virtual access between the off-site,
    secure server and the user’s choice of computing device.
    User-designated administration rights control user access to
    information and system functions. VetKey does not share user
    identification or information of any kind with outside parties.
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  • Any Device

    VetKey seamlessly integrates across all internet-accessible
    devices through its responsive web app design. The system
    works with workstations, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones
    for reliable anywhere - anytime access. With information
    stored in a secure, cloud-based server, device data storage
    is not required.
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  • Next Generation

    VetKey is shaping the future of veterinary practice management
    software technology. Progress is an essential best business
    practice, and VetKey provides a next generation approach to
    simplifying the user’s experience with a smart flow interface,
    intuitive display and prompts to support cognitive learning
    and application, and information feedback for usable interaction.
    The purpose is to give veterinary practices the solutions they
    need to complement or replace their current software system.
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