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VetKey Benefits:
Easy paperless, responsive reminders, intuitive scheduling, integrated whiteboard, performance reports, and simple to navigate.

For clinics currently using paper medical records, VetKey will help for a smooth transition to going paperless. Electronic medical records can be time-saving, more efficient, and more complete. Benefits: This means patients can receive better workups and there is a more positive impact on the bottom-line.

The reminder system is so complete there is no need to use a third party reminder system. VetKey handles the automation of all emails and texts, as well as creating call lists and postcard or letter batches, all based on completely customizable reminder protocols. Benefits: Client compliance is greatly improved, which means pets get more of the veterinary services they need.

The scheduler creates intuitive planning of appointments based on visit types and doctor availability. Benefits: This means a more consistent flow to the patient visits.

All patient information, including assigned services and treatment plans, automatically feed the patient whiteboard so nothing gets missed and pertinent information is always available at the fingertips.

Real-time performance reports are unique to the VetKey system. Know how you are doing in the moment so your performance is not just a thing for the history books.

As complex as the VetKey system is, the interface is simple to use and easy to navigate, with as few clicks as possible to complete each function.

VetKey – Benefits the Unique User

Your practice is not like any other. You have unique needs for your veterinary team, how you enter your medical records, how you work up patients, and how you practice medicine. You are looking for benefits that match YOUR needs. You are a unique user! Your veterinary software should be able to give you what…
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