VetKey – Benefits the Unique User

Your practice is not like any other. You have unique needs for your veterinary team, how you enter your medical records, how you work up patients, and how you practice medicine. You are looking for benefits that match YOUR needs. You are a unique user!

Your veterinary software should be able to give you what you want and how you want it.

Whether you are an advanced user or making your first transition to paperless medical records, your software needs to allow you flexibility and a short learning curve so you can put less time towards technology and more to providing direct medical care to your patients. Finally, a paperless system that works faster and easier than paper.

VetKey provides you the ability to both standardize and customize your diagnostic and treatment plans using intuitive flow for easy, fast, and thorough medical record entry and client communications. This cuts down on your entry time, improves client compliance, and increases medical outcomes. It's like the system can read your mind and give you exactly what you're looking for in your veterinary software.

What DO you want your software to be able to do? What problems have you been encountering with your current system? VetKey has solved both.

Check out the benefits of the VetKey system to see what you've been missing. VetKey offers best-methods for scheduling appointments and treatments, a much-needed SOAP flow that links pre-built findings to diagnoses / diagnostic protocols and treatment plans for seamless medical record entries and completion, and automated client communications for better patient care. The doctor and staff dashboards keep everyone in the know, and the patient whiteboards function to ensure all services are provided as planned. Nothing gets missed.

Want to test drive? Try out a preloaded demo -- and experience how easy it is to function as your unique user self.

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