VetKey Benefits

VetKey is a cloud-based veterinary management system that delivers an easy-to-use approach to handling the electronic functions of a veterinary practice.

Perfect Paperless

Realistic SOAP flow with one-touch features to record findings, select diagnostic and treatment plans, and manage the patient dashboard.

Responsive Reminders

Medical protocols easily convert to reminder communications for better compliance and pet care. Get more pets walking through your door.

Whiteboard Wisdom

Never miss entering patient services or charges with autofeed feature streaming from SOAP entries. Patient dashboard gives you a 360 view of the patient record.

Smooth Scheduling

Appointment scheduler rules intuitively handle the daily visit load. The scheduler thinks for the staff and coordinates appointment flow.

Data Drivers

Get a competitive advantage with real-time performance tracking. Easy-to-read reports and charts show you how your management plans are working.

Navigation Know How

Navigate seamlessly with simple-to-follow prompts. Keep your old codes when you easily switch from your current system, or use our recommended setups.

Simple to Start

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  • Key Features

    Practice Member security settings help warrant off system mis-use.

    Authorization Levels
    Each practice member can be assigned specific authorization levels based on allowed
    access to other pages in the VetKey system. For instance, a lower‐level member can be
    given access to production data entry, but not practice performance.

    Get a competitive advantage with real-time performance tracking. Easy-to-read
    reports and charts show you how your management plans are working.

    Real‐Time Monitoring
    The VetKey system compares practice production to both the prior year and predicted
    performance. Know where the current month's revenue, transaction volume, average
    charge per transaction (ACT), and new client rate stand in real time to pro‐actively
    influence current performance instead of letting the performance.

    Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Performance Charts
    Select specific timeframes to review performance for revenue, transaction volume, and
    ACT. Trends, growth, and retraction can be reviewed. Visual charts show the performance by
    day of the week so vet clinic management can create daily goals and how best to staff.

    Scheduler settings help ensure accuracy and optimal performance of patient flow.

    Intuitive Scheduling
    The VetKey scheduling system can be set for doctor availability, specific appointment
    block rules, quick navigation to find available appointment slots, and other search functions.
    The intuitive structure thinks for the staff for best scheduling practices.

    Electrconic medical records are supposed to help the practitioner and support staff work
    through the patient visit with greater accuracy and ease. VetKey's built-in SOAP flow makes
    this possible.

    The VetKey design process has next‐generation electronic medical record performance abilities
    for those veterinary practices looking to either go paperless, or improve on their paperless

    More Feautres

    Forms—form templates to simplify and support patient flow and client education

    Patient Health Communications—optimized for properly reflecting medical protocols
    and maximizing client compliance and pet health care

    Inventory Management and Ordering—drug and inventory control with ordering
    suggestion features

    Records Management—client and patient records; patient records will include user-friendly
    electronic record practices and the ability to research patient health outcomes
    using standardized clinical terminology

    User Resources
    Visit the User Resources Page for more information.

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VetKey Module Tutorials, Tips, and Case Studies

Visit the VetKey User Resources to seamlessly setup and start using your VetKey system in minutes.

  • VetKey Tutorial

    Step-by-step setup of practice members and the practice calendar, and instructions on production data entry and using the performance charts.

  • Revenue Growth Tips

    Learn how to best use and interpret the performance charts to evaluate in real-time how your practice is meeting projections and growth goals.

  • VetKey User Training

    Experience how to use the VetKey Practice Performance Module, and learn how the system has helped other veterinary clinics to monitor their performance and increase revenue.

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